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Youth & TCM: learning


Hello all! I’m a teen interested in TCM. Recently, I’ve shadowed/ interned a local acupuncturist and its been an exciting experience. I’ve also seen some of Dr. Ni Hai Xia’s videos and read a few books regarding Chinese medicine. What is the best way to dive into TCM? (recommended books, articles, lecture, videos, or opportunities??)
Thanks in advance!!


It is endless so there is no right way to get started into the theory. When you say you’ve " read a few books regarding Chinese medicine" - why don’t you start with listing what you’ve read to avoid duplicate suggestions.

For the most part you start with books like the following:

Those would be a good comprehensive starting point. Then with herbal medicine and other adjunctive techniques it gets more involved. But you need to deeply understand the theoretical framework before you move deeper.


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