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Young impotence - what formula can help me?



I'm 25 years old and suffer from the following symptoms:

- cold feet

- numb legs

- fuzzy vision

- lower back pain

- erectile dysfunction

I can get a manual induced erection but it will fade away quickly in intercourse and is not very hard. Also I don't have morning erections anymore.

In the past five years I've masturbated and ejaculated a lot (often more than once a day) to pornographic material. I've now stopped any sexual activity for five weeks. Since then the lower back pain has faded but the other symptoms have remained. In general I'm working a lot in front of the computer every day.

Unfortunately I'm not living in the USA so won't be able to visit your clinic. I can't afford to visit a TCM doctor in my country. This is why I'd like to try one of your herbal formulars against impotence but don't know which one suits my conditions. What deficiency could I have?

Thank you in advance.

Best regards,



Cold feet and low back pain means kidney yang def., numb leg and fuzzy vision means liver yin def.

The formular should be "You Gui Wan" + "Liu Wei Di Huang Wan".


If you click on the link that was automatically created when you entered your question you will be taken to our erectile dysfunction treatment page which contains most of the relevant formulas - our impotence page also has more information.

For sexual issues in men the primary criteria is to figure out whether the root is kidney yin deficiency or kidney yang deficiency. As Feng points out above, two possible formulas would be You Gui Wan -or- Liu Wei Di Huang Wan - personally I would rarely do both together. One is for yin deficiency and one for yang deficiency - together you could argue that they may conflict with eachother and at worse - if your underlying pathology is largely yin deficiency - would make you much worse. Jin Gui Shen Qi Wan is another formula which is slightly less warming than You Gui Wan and as it has Liu Wei Di Huang Wan as the base which helps to protect the yin.

As Feng points out you appear to have a mix of yin and yang deficiency. Now true yang deficiency in someone your age would be somewhat rare without long term illness, a horrendous diet, or an incredible amount of ejaculation - cold feet can just as easily be a sign of stress as yang deficiency and herbally the improper distinction between the two could cause some problems for you.

Could you send in a picture of your tongue, perhaps or at least describe the color, any distinguishing factors such as teethmarks and any coating you may have (see the Tongue diagnosis page for why)....

At your age I would most likely start with Liu Wei Di Huang Wan to rebuild the kidney energy and learn some tools to better channel your sexual energy than wasting it in masturbation (meditation, contemplation on the purpose of love and sexual connection, etc.).


Thanks for the quick answers.

My tongue has a pale green coating with cracks at the bottom.

I never had a long term ilnes and my diet has been healthy in the past six months (no processed/junk foods at all). Before I ate too less fruit/vegetables but it has never been a horrible diet.

My stature is delicate with little muscle and relatively weak bones. Physical exercise easily exhausts me.

Thanks again.



A few more questions... is the "green" more of a grey/black or does it really look green? And how far does the coating extend to the tip - is it all over the tongue or primarily just at the root/back? With regards to the cracks - where are they exactly (root, middle, sides, and/or tip) and which direction to the go (vertical or horizontal)?

Generally do you sleep well? If not, describe a typical night of sleep/waking for you - and How is your appetite generally - are you hungry when you eat, do you digest your food fairly well (i.e. no bloating, abdominal pain, etc.)?


" the "green" more of a grey/black or does it really look green?"

- The green is more of a grey

" far does the coating extend to the tip - is it all over the tongue or primarily just at the root/back?

- The coating extends from the center to the back. It&#39s NOT at the tip or at the edge.

"With regards to the cracks - where are they exactly (root, middle, sides, and/or tip) and which direction to the go (vertical or horizontal)?"

- The cracks are mainly at the root (very few are at the middle and none at all at the sides and tip)

- The cracks go to a vertical direction.

"Generally do you sleep well?"

- Yes, I sleep very well. I&#39ve never had problems to fall asleep and my sleep is deep.

"How is your appetite generally - are you hungry when you eat, do you digest your food fairly well (i.e. no bloating, abdominal pain, etc.)?"

- I&#39ve always had a healthy appetite even when I was sick.

- Digestion has sometimes been a problem for me. Especially in the form of bloating after raw vegetables, coffee or larger beans (white beans for example). For the past four years I almost exclusively ate raw foods (foremost bread). However since I started cooking and drinking green tea this has already become better.

Thank you for helping me.



You appear to have some somewhat minor signs of Kidney Qi/Yang Deficiency which was most likely contributed to by two primary factors - a raw foods diet (too cooling and weakens the kidneys) and possibly excessive masturbation (although definitions and cultural norms abound as to what that would really entail). Suffice it to say that both of those weaken the kidney qi.

I would probably use a very small amount of Jin Gui Shen Qi Wan for 1-2 months and see how you feel. A typical dose of the formulas we offer is 5-7 tablets, 2-3 times a day - I would go on the low end of that perhaps 5 tablets with breakfast and with dinner. If you get too warm or start having night sweats, sweaty palms, etc. then it is most likely too much for you and you could use 3 tablets twice a day or even less - if it still were to continue then a different formula would be called for.

In addition to that, or perhaps even in the absence of herbal treatment, you could also perform moxibustion on KD 3 and CV 4 perhaps 2-3 times/week for a few minutes each point. Moxa takes longer perhaps than herbal treatment, but it is has other benefits.


Thanks for the answer. Can I perform moxibustion on myself? Are there special foods and lifestyle changes I could make to help with my condition?


Yes, you can perform moxa on yourself - click on the moxibustion link I posted and that article explains everything. For foods, etc. read our TCM dietary therapy section - and for lifestyle changes take note of my initial comment to you regarding meditation, etc. and redirecting sexual energy. Certainly I&#39m biased towards tai chi and qi gong as well, but there are other paths....


Mr Daniel, I also have experience like you, 2004 now i am 52 years old

foot and hand cold, expecially touch floor or in aircon room

difficult errection, expecially while i had wind at shoulder

very tire and very sleepy, difficult to keep not to fall in sleep

I did: accupunture and chinese herbal, but the cold becoming after 3 or 4 days

I did accupressure also better only 3 ~ 4 days

I read and interested self healing, i diagnose, that i had spleen disfunction, so my body had self toxin

its mean that my organ spleen could not perfectly clear the toxin ( info that i have habit drink alcohol)

base this diagnosa:

i used K link detox to my foot for one week until detox clean

second, i flood my both feet in water + salt + ice+ chinese black carbon cristal

third, i do exercise thaichi for body, yoga, also falung gong, i feel sick in my stomach in 3 days and detox through out fetus

forth, i do exercise chi kung I (Iron shir), to improve my chi and imrove my backbone

fifth, i do therapy chinese giok stone bed (back bond therapy, to repair my cell regerated)

3 month i became better, erection become normal, but i realise that my organ fuction not yet completely well fuction, so avoid do sexual activity, until your kidney become better

know i continue do mantak chia books also learing acupunture (Yin yang web)

i hope you could do it by yourself

best regards

Henry manglassa


Thanks for all the help again.

I&#39m looking forward to buy myself a moxa.



for men&#39s erectile dysfunction, there is a TCM medicine name: Wu Zi Yan Zong Wan.

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