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Yinyanghuo herb


Hello everyone; What is the best way to prepare yinyanghuo herb for tea? When is the best time to take it before intimacy?




Yin Yang Huo, commonly known as Horny Goat Weed (Epimedium), is a remedy for impotence and other sexual issues as well as many other health issues when combined with other herbal formulas.

In Chinese Medicine single herbs are very rarely used and if they are with great caution. The effectiveness of Chinese Herbal Medicine comes from the proper grouping of herbs into formulas. Each formula has one or two main ingredients and others to help limit any side effects, direct the action of certain herbs, etc. Properly created herbal formulas are very safe and effective. Individual herbs, however, are not unless you are a fairly skilled herbalist

Yin Yang Hou is not meant to be taken before intercourse like Viagra or other western medications it is intended to be used, ideally within a formula, over time to help build sexual energy.

Alone (again not recommended) would be approx 5 grams (1tsp) 3 times a day simmered in water for 10 to 15 minutes.

When used alone Yin Yang Huo can cause anger, irritability, fever, palpitations and over long-term use it can result in decreased thyroid function. Basically it can greatly increase yang energy and create many heat related symptoms.

Our recommended formulas for impotence are listed on our impotence treatment page and they include you gui wan and ren shen shou wu wan.

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