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Yin & Yang side of body

Last week, during a diagnose seminar we had a discussion at school about the yin & yang side of the body. The discussion was open-ended since we moved on to another subject.

Which is clear: the front side is yin, and the back side of the body is yang. This is explainable (soft vs hard, receiving vs protecting).

The discussion was about the left and the right side though. The right side of the body has the fire kidney (Yang), whereas there’s a water kidney (Yin) on the left (to cool the heat of the heart). But is there a theory about one of the sides of the body being relatively more yin or yang, when we look at left & right?

Many sources (non-tcm) suggest the left side of the body would be more feminine (yin), because of its connection to the right brain. And so this would mean the right side of the body is seen as more masculine (yang).

What would the TCM view be upon this? And if one side would be more masculine/feminine, why would that be? Maybe there are more different theories and explanations. Any cues would be most welcome!

*The reason we came to this was because we had a case of a woman showing a masculine posture/attitude. Asking further: she has had issues with an ovarian cyst with a diameter of 13cm.

Very interesting observation. Might I enquire as to which side of the body the ovarian cyst is located?

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The cyst was diagnosed on the left ovary. Later it was removed with a big incision, because of its size.

Interestingly, had this discussion just yesterday with master acupuncturist ( he’s also fourth gen acupuncturist in the family). Quoting his words “there is no left side right side. Both sides are yin and yang”. Left/right side confusion might simply steam from kidney/gallbladder imbalances.

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