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Yin yang in acupuncture


My acupuncturist has indicated that I have more yang than yin and need to balance it out. Does anyone know how to go about doing that?


The best person to answer that question is your acupuncturist. They will be the only ones who know your actual diagnosis (hint... it&#39s not having more yang than yin) and what foods and lifestyle habits will benefit you along with treatment.

Many practitioners for better or worse try to explain the somewhat complex theories underlying Chinese Medicine to help their patients understand the process they are undergoing. Sometimes these explanations are really helpful and sometimes they are counterproductive. Thinking you have more yang than yin, or in other cases when people think they have liver problems when their acupuncturist tells them they have liver qi stagnation are examples of when that conversation is as of yet unfinished or unproductive.

To steer you in the right direction the following two sections might be interesting:

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Good Question.

Every thing in Chinese medicine is looked at as a combination of yin and yang. Yin being substance and yang being the more active nature of it. So ask them where they see more yang verses more yin. For nothing is all yin or all yang.

Yin organs are the deeper organs of more substance but they have a yang component. The yang organs are the digestive, moving things through organs like the stomach and the intestines but they have a yin component.

Often the Chinese say treat yang with yin and yin with yang. Once again ask them what they mean.

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