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Yin or yang


Submitted By: cappuccinofrost

I want to keep this short but let you know all about my case. I was told by an herbalist that I have weak adrenal glands and a slow thyroid. she gave me herbs and vitamins and a few years later I was able to go to work. too much work and I was so tired and weak again. this is what happens when I end up doing much of anything. then I fell from a three foot wall at work and was flat on my back on the pavement. I do not have any insurance sso i didnt go to a hospital. I have a chiropractor but he does adjustments but isnt sure what is wrong. I went to an acupuncturist...he is not chinese but seems to know quite a bit. but you can not ask many questions for how to understand what is wrong. he is so far and I have not been able to get there lately. I was looking for an acupuncturist closer and willing to treat my back also. I would like to have herbs for the fatigue and the other things

he knows how much my back is hurting but has not done any needles in the back. he said a couple of times he will get me straight but has not done the back. he wants to do digestion only and energy

I did nt know the difference with yin, yang. now I wonder how can I help myself am I yin or yang

I have low cortisol level, high tsh levels, slightly high cholestrol, low temperature, low blood pressure , low iron, weak legs, weak arms, memory loss, vision is terrible in passt three years, dry skin, and hair, sad, depressed, negative thinking, ocd, and tourettes syndrome, apathy, paranoia dont sleep well, weak bladder, just went into menopause. the hot flashes are finally gone. the high temper is finally gone. I feel worn. not the energy to get mad, just sad. I need to get on my feet and find another job because this one is filled with too much lifting and too much stress. what herbal combinations can I take and is this yang or yin


Unfortunately your case is far too complicated to diagnose over the internet. I strongly suggest you find a good practitioner that you trust (ideally one who practices acupuncture, herbal medicine, tuina massage and cupping). There are mixed syndromes of yin and yang and you would most likely fall into this category given your longer history with some of the issues (i.e. you most likely do not have a simple diagnosis). One question though, are you generally warmer or cooler at night? And if you wanted you could upload a picture of your tongue that would help as well. But you should really see someone locally for these broad issues.

A couple notes of import... first you cannot truly focus on "digestion" and not treat your back - acupuncture properly done is pretty much all or nothing. In other words you treat the entire person at a time or you do nothing. Some acupuncturists in their attempt to explain the process of healing confuse their patients. That said, you don&#39t need to needle anywhere near the back to treat the back... so even more confusing, I know... You may want to read "What Does Acupuncture Treat?" for more information along these lines.

Second, I generally recommend that you disregard most practitioners that tell you pseudo western diagnoses (like weak adrenals), if you are going to go with Chinese Medicine just go, trust someone, and do what they recommend to the best of your abilities so long as you are actually improving over time. The article linked to above will explain some of the Chinese diagnoses which arguably better account for the range of issues seen in clinical reality vs. individual western diagnoses or loosely scientific concept based diagnoses.


Dear cappuccinofrost,

Yours is a &#39Deficiency of Kid Yang&#39



(Yin or Yang) sounds like’ the perfect candidate to learn and practice (Qi or ChiGong). specifically because of Her tendency to have an umbrella of symptoms cascading’ especially the low pressure(s) fatigue and many weakness symptoms. Energy workers, like taichi, KungFu & especially (chiGong) treat the body whale as a single organism as an entire-un- fragmented) undistracted being. Balancing the yin & Yang it quickly stabilizes the metabolism. I.e. Meridian energy channel flow. Uniquely beneficial equally on an emotional and physical levels. Through slow soft repetitious synergistic movements ChiKung promotes strength and endurance creating a Synergistic being with the everFresh ability to interject on one’s-own behalf and too energetically intervene for the energetic & emotional welfare of others. Qi-kung trains the body and breath to become more efficient at lifting the spirit which results of lifting the morale. Yawning, smiling, laughing, crying, stretching, shaking the body vigorously, are all simple yet effective ways to affectivity activate the Yin Yang energies of the body,& in nature, as well as provide an upgrade in our experience of better emotional control. Through enjoying a pleasing (alchemy) of more of life’s energies simply easily and naturally. As a good place to begin your understanding of qiGong I recommend (ShenZhen)-Unconditional love QiGong). #1 it teaches good / great body-breath synergy /coordination & #2 ShengZhen Qigong teaches developing an emotional state of intimate uninterrupted unconditional energetic dialogue between the individual the universe, with ease and good intentions or (love). Developing such a daily Taoist practice will provide immediate results, and can be studied and practiced in greater detail, by going to YouTube and seeing ShengZhen master LI June. I have every confidence that She (Yin or Yang ) will be glad to get back to work on Her self and in her life. Start there emotions & synergetic body-breath movements. Feel free to write me again if/when you reach your Plato of success w/ShenZhen for more suggestions as to the next form(s) to investigate, as I have an advancement protocol that I would like to provide and recommend for all how find this ancient Taoist practice as intriguing as I do! Connecting the energies of the individual with those of the infunent creation’s the body&#39s source. Develuping a (Qi) work daily practice. good luck always.. balancing your Yin &-Yang. & Reconciling and enjoying unconditional love between your self and with our eternal (source) the nature of our Universe.

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