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Yin deficiency?


Hello, I need your help, don’t know what to do anymore. Western medicine has failed me. I’ve been using prescription antidepressant drugs for 3 years. I am drug free for 2 years now. My problem is my face gets flushed very easily, when I stress, change temperatures, eat, tired etc. I also have very dry skin and oily at the same time. Acne on my forehead and small broken capillaries on the top of my nose. I am anxious and have very poor stress tolerance. My face looks great in the morning when i wake up, but during a day it gets bad. It becomes very dry and oily at the same time, red on the sides of my cheeks near my ears. I feel like I am wearing a facial mask. Also I have this feeling of bugs or little insects crawling on the sides of my face. Hair tends to be greasy very quick after washing them. I also have a headache very often and my joints and muscles are extremely sore after a night of sleep. My face is very sensitive and it gets bad in air-conditioned rooms. I have noticed that brisk walking (30 minutes long) seems to help and eliminates these spots on the side of my face and this feeling of bugs crawling. I also have been diagnoses with IBS. I am not constipated, nor have diarrhoea, but my belly gurgles and sometimes bloats, which is not so often. PLEASE REPLY THANKS IN ADVANCE.

In addition, I have done one 21 day water fast 10 months ago, which was a great experience and cured all my symptoms at once. ( Perfect flawless and glowing skin, no anxiety whatsoever) Unfortunately when I began eating again my problems have started to come back gradually.


While flushing is usually a sign of yin deficiency it could also potentially be a mildly allergic reaction to food or to the accumulation of damp heat caused by foods. When it comes to acne sugar is most often the main dietary culprit. You could be gluten intolerant to some degree as well. Occasional gurgling noises and bloating are signs of spleen qi deficiency. I would suggest avoiding spicy foods, minimizing dairy, and totally eliminating any and all processed sugars. You would probably do well to eliminate all processed and artificial ingredients and foods as well.


I am a vegan. Eat mostly starches, vegetables and fruits. BUT what about this sensation on the sides of my face, like bugs were crawling on it? When i wake up its fine, but when I stress, change room temperatures, or just thourghout a day without significant cause really my face just feels weird. About my facial flush, it tends to be more severe when I sit down. Moving my body helps a lot.


So if you were able to completely cure all of your symptoms with fasting, I would look very closely at what it was food wise that started the reactions again. Generally this is related to weak lung and/or spleen qi which can come from too weak of a diet (possible with a vegan diet, particularly if you didn’t grow up that way).

The crawling feeling, would most likely be just the physical sensation of your blood vessels dilating (which is what leads to the flushing). You may get the feeling before or completely without flushing.

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