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Xiao Yan Wan while trying to conceive


I am currently eliminating my anti convulsant and reducing my dosage of an SNRI (both for mood stabilization/depression) over the next two months in order to reduce the likelihood of birth defects should I become pregnant. Would Xiao Yao Wan be safe and wise to incorporate in my regimen instead?


In the most general terms possible, yes, xiao yao wan is probably a reasonably safe option for your set of conditions. That said, Chinese Medicine needs to be properly based on -your- tcm diagnosis, not on your general western conditions/symptoms (see “What Does Acupuncture Treat?” for more on this). So the best care for yourself would be to find and work with a practitioner locally who can properly diagnose you and choose appropriate treatments methods/herbal formulas. With proper treatment not only should you get a better result with your mood disorder, but also for your goal of conception.

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