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Xi Clefts points


Why is it that Chong Mai, Ren Mai, Du Mai and Dai Mai do not have Xi cleft points? The main meridians and the other 4 extra meridians do. If someone has an idea of where I could find the answer to this it would be very useful. Thank you


I’m not sure if there is a specific, definitive answer to that. If you look at the pairing of each extra meridian there is one xi cleft point per pair. As the extra merdians function differently from the regular ones perhaps the presence of xi-cleft points is part of that difference?

If you’re in school and one of your professor’s has a PhD in acupuncture (from China) you should ask them. Much of the source material hasn’t been translated which makes researching questions like this difficult if you don’t read Chinese.


I don’t have a definitive answer by any means, but the xi-cleft points, or “accumulation” points, are where the qi and blood tend to pool or constrict. Most are near joints or have a function that works to release stagnation near a joint. The chong, ren, etc. don’t really have joints per se or particular areas where the qi and blood would be likely to congeal. And with the nature/location of them you would simply be moving qi and blood from one point of stagnation to another - whereas the other meridians have avenues that allow for more complete dispersion and/or movement.

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