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Working on a cruise ship as a Massage Therapist


I am thinking about working as a Massage Therapist on a cruise ship. Does anyone have any advise for me.


There was a discussion a while back about working as an acupuncturist on a cruise ship - you can read that here. Generally, I think the experiences are mixed but overall you do get to work on a number of people. For building experience, it is a reasonable idea. What I’ve heard is that it will not be easy, you will work incredibly hard with limited rewards and you will be forced to upsell everything in sight and market yourself constantly.


Hi Chad, being a male Massage Therapist, you will have to watch your back with British and American female Patients. Be very careful with what you do and if possible have someone else there. We have a massive ‘compensation’ culture in these countries and unfortunately a very few women think they are making a blow for feminism by making false accusations. They are actually making it worse for genuine women. It might be worth trying a trip and seeing what you think. As you say it is experience.

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