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Winter Monsoon California

Hello Yin/Yang people!!!

Cold Wet California winter. Monsoon time!
Reading and researching online on seasonal care and practice I see no discussion of the mixtures of seasons written by TCM doctors

  • “winter for kidney”,
    “spleen season is…” (apparently non-existent(???)). What is the effect on the body of both at once? What is the seasonal protocol? …and why has this topic been avoided…even in Northern California where there are so many acupuncturists and tcm people…?

I don’t think anyone is avoiding this topic per se, but the entire value of Chinese Medicine theory is the fluidity and adaptability of it. In other words, what is “winter” in Michigan for example and the effects that may have on a particular individual who has kd qi deficiency will be different than someone with liver fire and what is “winter” in Southern California will have different effects on those very same people.

As the climate changes and seasons get more variable, a practitioner simply adjusts and puts the current weather into consideration with the individual when designing the treatment. Nothing is ever fixed. Even the effect of having climate controlled houses/workplaces, etc. has an effect vs. someone who truly lives in complete harmony with the external environment. All of this has to be dynamically taken into effect.

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