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Wind in stomach and intestine

I have trapped wind in my stomach and intestine which gives pressure in my chest like I cant breathe.
I also have anxiety related insominia and panic attacks in the day and night.
I also have a pain between my navel and pubic bone which makes me think I need to go to the toilet. It could be bladder,uterus or bowel.

I was wondering if Wen Dan Tang might help and Chai Hu Shu Gan as I have these from my acupuncturist along with the bamboo leaf combination.

Many thanks
Jackie 1

The best person to ask would be your acupuncturist who prescribed those. Chinese herbal formulas are based on your diagnosis in Chinese Medicine terms, not your symptoms. So if your underlying diagnosis is correct for those formulas, then, yes, they are probably correct. Generally I like to limit my patients to one formula or two at the most at a time rather than put complicated mixes together.

From your general symptoms a single formula that might get you in the right direction would be yue ju wan or even yi guan jian.

Thank you for that. I have seen the acupuncturist twice a week to help me with a feeling of pressure in my bowel after having terrible treatment in hospital like moviprep and and an enema. I now have these other symptoms. The acupuncturist checked my pulse and tongue on Thursday and I got this on Friday.I am not seeing him again for a long time as my body isn’t up to it as I have lost so much weight. As I already had them it they seemed to tick the box.Shall I stick with Wen Dan Tang and Chai Hu Shu Gan or are they too complicated a formula?

If that is what your practitioner recommended for you the reasoning is likely correct. For myself, I can only offer so much online, but if you are feeling too weak to even see a practitioner, those are debatable formulas for you. Generally speaking you have to be quite cautious with using formulas that have too much moving/clearing functions when you are weak. Chai hu shu gan wan is from the regulate and harmonize the liver and spleen category and wen dan wan is from the clear heat and transform phlegm category. In the right dosages, etc. these may still be ok, but if you feeling quite weak you may do better with formulas from the tonify the qi category as an example first. Generally you would have formulas that would help ensure all existing infections are cleared first, then tonify if still weak, then possible create more movement/regulation. This is why it is crucial to work with a practitioner directly over time so that they can adjust the formulas throughout the healing process. Chinese herbal medicine is far more of a moving art form than a linear set of choices based on symptoms as is often the case with western medicine.

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