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Will Yin Yang Acupuncture completely cure MS



I am taking Western Medicine for MS.The treatment is very expensive and the side-effects are severe.I am planning to take Yin Yang Accupuncture treatment as alternative.Will it be a complete cure for MS??Please clarify


First, there is no such thing as "yin yang acupuncture treatment". There is acupuncture, which is useful for MS (see MS treatment section), and there are specialized systems within acupuncture such as the Tam Healing System (which we utilize for MS and many other conditions) that have more effective methods within for serious conditions. "Will it be a complete cure", it can be... There are, of course, no guarantees within any form of medicine but acupuncture has a good track record of alleviating symptoms of MS and in many cases patients go into remission. The most mild change that will happen is that you will improve symptomatically. Some systems, such as the one we use (and there are others and individually skilled practitioners) have more reliable results.

I would recommend you consult with an acupuncturist in your area who has some experience with MS. After 7-10 treatments, depending on the severity of your existing symptoms, you should have an idea of how it wll help you. After you have some positive response to acupuncture, your practitioner can offer recommendations on how long you will need treatment and what your overall prognosis is.

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