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Will Cordyceps help bleeding

I have what I would describe as acquired hemophilia after taking a supplement in 2018 and currently every month during my menstrual period, I bleed heavily like a faucet. My health was very weak and nothing could help slow the daily bleeding back in 2018, except for the acupuncture at the very beginning and time itself. Recently I tried a quarter pill of Rhodiola and miraculously it helped flow by 10%. I only took for two days as it made me exhausted, dropped my blood sugar and caused a vertigo that is still with me. However it left a noticeable lasting calming effect on my system. I was hoping Cordyceps would have this calming healing effect on my body also but am concerned about the reports that it can cause bleeding in those who take it daily. It is a risk but my system is in dire need of gentle balancing. Some articles mention it is immunosuppressing while another says it is immunomodulating, which is a bit confusing. Would it be a poor decision to take it once a week? Would it have any effects if used sparingly?

Given your mix of symptoms and your seemingly apparent sensitivity to even small doses of herbs, I would strongly suggest you consult directly with a practitioner who practices both acupuncture and Chinese herbal medicine. Generally speaking individual herbs are prone to causing issues or at least not fully addressing the systemic problems as cohesively when compared to properly prescribed formulas.

Thanks for the advice. Yes, my system has been wrecked by what I’ve gone through. It is really tough to consult anyone at this time but I’ll just have to wait till practices reopen.

Since you’re very sensitive to herbs and supplements, I would try once A week and see if helps.
I’m a D.C, L.Ac, and have same sensitive issues and have gone through a lots of side effects and ER visits and what I did was tried different doses until it worked for me.

I’m sorry to hear of your sensitivities too. It’s frustrating. Do you take cordyceps?

No, I have not. I take Chinese herbal formula for different issues and as needed.
You should find an acupuncturist and find out what herbs and supplements will work for you. Also make sure that there is no other medical issues.
Wishing you all the best

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