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Why pain along meridians?


Hello....I have been meaning to ask this for awhile, but thought it might be a question without answer really or just a stupid question.

I have had pain for nearly 9 years now down my LEFT arm, elbow etc. and left hypochondriac area. (Also lose use of arm due to weakness) I think the first time I actually sought medical attention for this was when I was a teenager, so quite some time ago. The pain very exactly follows down the meridians of the Pericardium and Triple Burner lines. Self trigger-point "massage" with a hard rubber ball against the wall is helpful but it ALWAYS comes back. I also find that I cannot really get in "deep" enough to make much of an improvement. It is worst when I am ovulating - not even massage or deep yoga stretching helps at all. It is also quite painful if I get awaken from a sleep.....I have to elevate my arm on lofty pillows for relief. How common is this and what can I really do about it? I have gotten to the point now where I've accepted management and relative comfort to any hope of a real cure. I have had acupuncture which offers very short lived relief.....electro-acupuncture is better for sure. When I express frustration to the pain continually coming back, they never have anything to say about it and just want to treat it. I am not complaining about that really, I just wish I could fix it.

I do experience other pain in my body (especially dull tendon pain and chronic stiffness from childhood down the backs of my legs) but these are the only areas that seem to follow exact meridian paths. And that are truly a nuisance in my life and in trying to get things accomplished. Thank you for taking the time to read my query.


Usually pain like this comes more from your neck than anywhere else so treating too locally will usually lead to the lackluster results that you have found. I suggest you either find an acupuncturist who also does tuina and cupping and have them focus on the lower neck and shoulder or combine acupuncture with a good deep tissue/neuromuscular massage. Weakness in the arm often comes from nerve problems which originate much higher up than where people observe. A recent study for carpal tunnel, for example, highlights this. They found that cupping the shoulder outperformed using local wrist points for carpal tunnel. In actuality both would be better along with the neck, but studies are studies and this one illustrated the necessary point.


I appreciate your insight, Chad. : ) Interesting that it in fact, may be from my neck. Xrays from both a medical doctor and chiropractor showed degeneration from C7 to T5.(plus at coccyx) I also have minor scoliosis C-shape mostly affecting T5 through to T10.

My acupuncturist has done cupping for me once - under my shoulder blade. She indicated that she did it to help with blockage and to assess the quality of my blood (I have had symptoms of accumulation of heat in blood) which turned out to not be turbid and healthy looking. I didn&#39t quite understand, to be honest. : )

I do really, really like a good neuromuscular and fascial release massage. My insurance does not cover a lot, so I have not had one of those in ages! I use rubber balls and foam rollers at home.

Thank you kindly.

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