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Why do different acupuncturists use different forms of diagnosis?


My acupuncturist always feels my pulse and checks my tongue. However, when my friend went to acupuncture for weight loss, the practitioner did neither. I was also watching some YouTube videos and noticed that some practitioners palpate the calves and abdomen when determining where imbalances exist.

Why do different practitioners use different methods, and is it necessary to use any or all of the methods in order to reach an accurate diagnosis?


Diagnostic techniques in acupuncture do vary widely. Historically different schools have emphasised certain techniques. Also different patterns may/may not require pulse taking to develop a clear pattern differentiation.

I hope this helps.</p


As Andrew has clearly stated there are any number of ways of coming to a diagnosis and of treating that diagnosis to resolution. There are differences between countries, families, and individuals with people using what they have been taught and what they have found to be most effective over time.

There is no need for people to use all of the techniques and none are necessarily better or less effective than other ones - it&#39s all in how you read the body and what you choose to do to make it better.

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