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Why do certain spots hurt?


I've been seeing a wonderful acupuncturist for several months now. And before that, I saw someone else for several years ... so I've had quite a few treatments. Most of the time, I don't even feel the needles. In fact, it only takes a few minutes after they're all in that I feel a kind of "buzzing" and feel very relaxed; most of the time I fall asleep :)

But twice now we've done a spot for my liver and WHOA!!!!! Ouch. That one REALLY hurts.

Does this mean I might have liver problems??


Generally no, certainly not with your physical liver. Please read "My liver is what?" to understand what is meant by the "liver" in Chinese Medicine terms.

Also depending on the location of the points and your body physique some will occasionally hurt a little more than others if they get caught in a certain layer of tissue. So depending on the location, the add&#39l sensation may mean nothing at all.

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