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Whiter teeth with TCM?


This might be a rather strange thread, but i am very curious about it. I have noticed a visible deterioration in the color of my teeth. They pretty much lost their whitness and this is bothering me a lot. Origin of the problem aren't stains. I don't drink coffe, soda's nor wine. Teas i drink rarely, mostly i drink filtered water.

Since all my teeth are of same color, it is obviously an enamel deficiency issue. Apart from that i have dark cirles under my eyes and also visible white hairs in front of my head and i am ''just'' 25 years old.

I was diagnosed with Kidney, Stomach and Spleen Qi deficiency and also Liver yang excess.

Since i know that Kidneys regulate bones and hair, and that any dark blue color (like under my eyes) is a sign of Kidney issues, i was wondering if there is a way i could fix these issues with TCM?

I am mostly interested if i can use Moxibustion to do this and if the answer is yes, which points should i stimulate?


Yes, in theory this would be related to the strength of the kidney system. If you have clear kidney deficiency you could moxa CV 6, ST 36, and KD 3 to help.


Thank you kindly Chad. Could you please suggest me the amount of time i should spend on each acu point? It is summer where i live now, temperatures are in the lines of 90 degrees Fahrenheit. As mentioned in my previous post, i am fairly young, 25 years old.

As far as my knowledge goes, for tonifications in the summer, 5-6 minutes should be enough, but i would like to check first :)


It depends a little on what type of moxibustion you are doing... but assuming you would be using a moxa stick I think just a 1-1.5 minutes at each point and a 2-3 minutes at CV 6 would be more than adequate...


Indeed, i will be using moxa sticks. Once again, many thanks!

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