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Which TCM Patterns Am I Exhibiting?


Hello I recently started seeing a TCM doctor in my area, with my current complaints being:

Depression/Anxiety, lower back ache, upper back tightness, dark circles under eyes, low energy/vitality, occasional fatigue, muscle weakness, lack of mental sharpness, sleep apnea (though I'm in good shape), and constantly waking between 2-4 AM.

Upon examination, in which he noted my pulse was deep, he "prescribed" me (not sure if prescribe is the proper term in TCM) Xiao Yao San and Ba Wei Di Huang Wan.

I'm going to confirm with him in my next appointment, but can someone offer some thoughts on what type of patterns I am exhibiting under TCM?

I'd be curious to know so that I can research on ways to modify my diet and activity to help me along. I'm already focused on eating mostly cooked organic food and have removed caffeine (except for tea), processed sugars, and processed foods. I also make it a point to relax and walk on the beach to help strengthen my Kidneys.

As a former athlete and current type A personality that likes to do a lot and accomplish a lot, I'm really looking forward to getting back to 100%.

Thank you all!


.In response to your request I have just posted the following article: "Self-Care to Promote Energetic Balance."

There are many additional practices avaiable to promote grounding and balance, including various forms of meditation, monitoring your thoughts and beliefs, attending to your focus, practicing qigong, t&#39ai chi, yoga or other forms of exercise, and so on.

Your main task at present is discovering what actions you can take on your own to restore physical, emotional, and spiritual balance rather than focusing on the nature of what may be wrong.

There is an important dictate to keep in mind: "What you focus on expands." Therefore, you want to keep your focus on what it would feel like to be feeling good.


Thank you so much Judith!

I&#39m going to look into it more after work and will follow up with questions if I have any.

Thank you again :D

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