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Which is very effective acu points for irregular periods?


My patient have irregular period for a long time, i have tried ren6,7,9 and 10. but still not happened? please give very effective points for the same


First, please don&#39t submit multiple unrelated questions to one post. Create a new forum topic for each question that you have and leave comments as they are intended to be - comments for the discussion at hand. This helps keep our site readable and helps us to answer your questions. (your other two comments have been removed and can be reposted as new forum topics with the caveats below)

Second, search before you ask questions - there is an entire section on every menstrual problem and related protocols, points, forum posts, etc. in our conditions section. For example, treatments for irregular menstruation.

Finally, before posting asking for points you should include your diagnosis of the patient along with supporting signs and symptoms. Acupuncture properly done is not a point to condition modality - for more on this read What Does Acupuncture Treat?. Questions like "give me points for "x" condition" are largely a violation of the central tenets of Chinese Medicine.

Within the irregular menstruation conditions page above you will find a link to some standard diagnoses and acupuncture treatment protocols for irregular menstruation.

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