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Which impotence formulae?


Submitted By: piccolo24

i have impotencem what formulae would you reccomend? i am considering buying zhuan yang pian.


You should -never- attempt to treat yourself with Chinese Medicine. For relevant Chinese Herbal formulas that may be helpful in your case you should consult directly with a fully trained practitioner in your area. Seeing a practitioner is always better as they have the benefit of discussing with you and inspecting you which leads to a better diagnosis. Many of the fertility/functional related formulas can be quite warming - so people with the wrong underlying diagnosis can be made worse overall by choosing the incorrect formula.

While your post was edited to meet within our editorial guidelines, your general statement about performance manually but lack of with a partner often indicates a need for counseling/therapy as well. I would strongly suggest you seek that out to understand some of the deeper issues that may be involved.

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