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Which best to move qi specific for digestion?


may ask how about formulate a real stomach and chi/qi overall moving formula which would consist of
Mu Xiang)
(Sha Ren)
(Xiang Fu)
(Qing Pi)
(Chen Pi)
(Lai Fu Zi)
(Hou Po)
(Zhi Qiao)
(Cang Zhu)
(Gan Cao)
(Sheng Jiang)
(wu yao)

( chaun xiong)
(shan zha)

shan zhi zi ?
shen qu
mai ya

than to counteract its drying properties ;may add this formula ;

mai men dong
tian hua fen
shu di huang or gan di or sheng di ?
tai zi shen
xi yang shen
bai shao?
tian men dong,
sha-shen,nan or bei or both ?


There is no real way to answer a question like this without knowing the specifics of the individual patient.


am already coming from 3 tcm specialist ,by which were diagnosed by all of them as kidney yin deficiency


I’m not sure what you are asking and/or why you are asking this community? If you are truly kidney yin deficient, the last thing you would want to take is a strong qi tonifying/moving formula? What you would want is liu wei di huang wan (or some version) and possibly bao he wan with it if you have a sensitive digestive system. This is only because yin tonifying herbs can tend to be a little hard on digestion if not properly balanced/used. Now if you have more digestive issues and feel weaker and more stagnant, you are likely not kidney yin deficient but something else. I strongly suggest you pick one of the 3 “specialists” and work with them closely and just trust what they say for at least a few months.


well; a youthful young living life comes with these two fundamentals, good digestion, and well circulating qi ,if reservoirs of qi are depleted ,and by forcing it to move you only put even more strain ,then we got to replenish it ,and this is what i have done on myself ,and then tested and shown that i recovered fully from my deficiency ,and for precaution ,while using a real poten qi moving formula ,which i have since modified to this one =

ju hong
chen pi
qing pi
ju zi ren
zhi ke qiao
zhi shi

chuan xiong
mu xiang
chen xiang
xiang fuzi
hou po
sheng jiang
wuyao san
da fu pi
bing lang
sha ren
chi cang zhu
bai zhu
gan cao
tu fu ling ??

shen qu
mai ya for digestion

shan zhalai fu zi

and to keep moist and cool = kidney yin abundance

fu ling
nan&bei sha shen
tian men dong
gan di huang
tian hua fem
mai men dong
yu zhu
xi yang shen
chi&bai shao yao
tai zi shen
zhi zi
lian giao
huang lian
jin yin hua


ok here we go
HI again
got already my full picture ;

i been diagnosed by two TCM for;
spleen qi deficiency,
accompanied by liver qi stagnation,and liver blood deficiency
all above draining on my kidneys ;
was put under ;
xiao yao , and he tu pian, and shen
fu zhu yu

while also suffer of hemorrhoids and leg vein insufficiency ;
bu zhong was added ;

while am suffering of seasonal allergies ; ( my hashimoto’s haven’t yet
discussed )
Yu Ping Feng San was added " according my practitioner,

while am also suffering of rare face rosacea;
liver vive by active herb ,being considered now, by my practitioner ;

"would love to get your input into all this "

whether* shen chu 16*
*huo xiang zheng qi *
would be helpful in addition or alternate with he tu pian ??

while am also eager to get my leg vein insufficiency and hemorrhoids =
healed the mostly possible ,

how about consuming herbs that adds qi and oxygen and into better blood
circulation ? focusing just on that without thinning the blood etc
(in my case blood that has stagnated in the liver)
what about such formula ===

  • Chuan Xiong, ligusticum-wallichii
    ,Szechwan lovage rhizome,
  • Ge Gen,Pueraria lobata,kudzu,
    Dang-gui, Angelica Sinensis,
    Hong Hua
    ,Carthamus tinctorius,Safflower,
    Shu Di Huang, Radix Rehmanniae
    dong chong xia cao ,CORDYCEPS
    Yan Hu Suo (Corydalis Rhizome
    hong jing tian,Rhodiola rosea


Instead of just writing in a bunch of names of herbs and formulas (most of which I’ve already stated that I disagree with) - I would suggest you succinctly write in what issues you currently have, what, if any, benefit you’ve received from the current formulas (in precise terms what has improved to what degree and what hasn’t) and what you feel is lacking in your current approach (i.e. why you are asking for more input instead of relying on your practitioners who are more familiar with your case)?



will address one of your questions
the formulas my practitioner subscribe me ,and said not to add anything
else ,didnt done anything for my vein insufficiency ,only after my suggest
him to add a another formula,from a range of three formulas,and he to
choose which one of the rest ,which he finally did ,i finally got some
relief ,and am seeking for even more improvement ,'no one aside g-d is
perfect" and am not relying on no one without adding my assistance , "is
this sensible to you "?

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