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Where can I find a picture of the Acupressure Points?


I am just starting to learn about Acupuncture, as a result of wanting to take Reiki.

The more I read about the various "Vibrational Medicines" the more convinced I am that I need to fully understand Acupuncture before I can embark upon Reiki in a meaningful way.

However, in the meantime I need to deal with some serious pain issues in my own body, and I was hoping that if I could see a picture showing the points (as in the one found in Wickapedia, but easier to follow) that I would be able to better self treat.

I was checking the written description of the Accupressure points but was having trouble locating them on myself.

Any help you can give me would be greatly appreciated.



I believe you are referring to the Common Acupressure Points for Self-Treatment that I put together. Each point listed there has a link to the point (so the first one, for example, click on "GV 20"). That page describes the location in detail in addition to the points various functions and other information. At the beginning statement of each point where is says, again with the first one for example, "on the governing vessel meridian" - if you click on that you will be taken to the meridian graphic to give you a visual of where the point is.

Hopefully that helps you get started. Just click around a bit (or use the search function) and you will find everything and more that you need.

With regards to studying acupuncture before reiki, this is arguable - personally, I would say you have that backwards. First, reiki doesn't use Chinese Medicine theory (it's a Japanese system) and there is little relationship to the acupuncture points. Reiki (or systems like our Tong Ren Therapy) and other energetic systems are actually great ways to start getting into using these complementary forms of medicine. Acupuncture is a deep, deep system that takes years and years of both professional training at the graduate level and furthermore with various teachers and practical experience. Reiki is actually much easier to learn and to apply by most standards.

If you are looking for an energetic system that meshes well with Chinese Medicine, I would start by learning Tong Ren Therapy (click the "tong ren" link at the top bar for more info) or start learning medical qi gong. Medical qi gong and tong ren are both based deeply in the vast traditions of Chinese Medicine and are very practical systems that serve as a good introduction (and a lifetime of learning) to the field.


I appreciate your thoughtful and informative answer. I appreciate that you took the time to give me information and suggestions.

I have a slight mistrust of some of the rhetotric/mysticsm that seems to accompany Reiki. It is a huge leap of faith for me to feel comfortable with some of the things they teach.

Acupuncture on the other hand, offers a very practical and believable approach (from what I have rea and been told), and has been around for a great deal longer that Reiki or Theraputic touch.

I do understand that Reiki and Acupuncture are different, and do not use the same points, but Reiki very much emphasises the Chakras, and those in turn appear to be directly related to the endocrine system.

My plan is to learn more about acupuncture, and then return to studying Reiki. I have actually seen that Reiki works - at least with animals, and that is exactly where I want to apply myself.

I also feel that the north American approach to getting the different Reiki levels is way too quick. (One can obtain ones' level 1 and 2 in one 4 hour session) I feel that a complete understanding of various vibrational healing methods will help take me along the reiki path in a more complete way (for me personally).

I will certainly check out Tong Ren Therapy and qi gong. It sounds as if they both tie into my overall plan for learning more about the various healing practices.

Thank you again for your courteous time and response



If your approach is animals, you may want to contact one of our Tong Ren Therapists who specialize in treating animals and discuss their experiences. The people that offer Tong Ren Therapy treatment for animals only are listed below (this comes from tong ren class directory):

Hopkinton -- (map & directions)

¤ This class is for animals ¤

Main Street Animal Services

76 West Main Street

Marcia Zais 508.655.6776

Tuesdays: 7pm - 8pm

Boston -- (map & directions)

Snippers Hair Club For Dogs 524 Dorchester Avenue

Susan Abner & Kathy Keerney 617.269.9600

Tuesdays: 7pm - 8pm

For Animals Only

And I couldn't agree more about the relative ease in which many teachers give out Reiki and other energy healing certifications. Regardless of what you study the personal practice of Qi Gong and/or Tai Chi will give you a good energetic foundation from which to apply yourself to these pursuits. If you do not have a teacher locally, the form Da Peng Gong, is easy to learn from our books and is a very useful foundation.

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