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When sp4 point is needled or press menstruation starts heavily


Respected sir/madam,

in the time of liver yang spleen 4 point aches.if the pt is pressed heavy menstruation starts immediatly. If in small intestine yin moxa is applied the conditions disappear.kindly guide me on this subject.


If you look at the functions of SP 4 you will see that it generally creates a downward / clearing function on the abdominal area generally and of course as the chong mai it (with PC 6) is in control of the “sea of blood” - particularly menstrual activity.

Moxabustion on many points could slow or halt menstruation, but on others it could help start it or improve the flow.

All that said, these are not entirely common reactions and in the vast majority of people you cannot start and stop menstruation with just a couple points. But if they are very related to what the persons overall pattern is, they could be quite strong and effective.


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