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What's wrong with me?


Hello there , im new and wish can get answers about my health issues ; the thing that depresses me the most is my apperance ,my leg's one to be exact , my thighs and knees are bigger then my calfs and if i happen to gain weight it almost never go futher than my knees and also have a thin wrist even after being fat . is it a qi disfanction issue ? thank you in advance


Everyone has areas where fat tends to accumulate and for many this is in the hips and thighs. In pure Chinese Medicine terms this is generally related to Spleen Qi Deficiency (leading to dampness) or Kidney Qi Deficiency. You should consult with a practitioner locally and have a full intake performed to understand more about the root causes in your particular case. Acupuncture is certainly helpful with weight loss and to a degree toning areas. Another valuable option would be working with a physical trainer, if possible, even for a short term. This can be quite helpful to help isolate these areas.

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