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What type of treatment works best for the lymphatic system?

Monthly I get swelling in lymph node areas, particularly in the armpits. These are manifested as hard, just below the surface bumps, that are not pimples, and then swell up to the size of a quarter or small ball, with semi-solid, white substance that comes out when they are squeezed. These pumps become very tender and painful, and I’ve stopped trying to get the fluid out. I’ve been having this happen for 10 years or so with no sign of it getting better. I also have bumps along the center line of my torso and in the groin area to a lesser degree. These bumps remain dormant, and scar over if disturbed, and can be darker than surrounding skin. One they reach the height of their swelling, which lasts around 4-7 days they shrink back down in size.

I’ve tried lymphatic massage and acupuncture but everyone I’ve visited seems to find this condition a mystery. Western doctors have prescribed topical steroids, and I’ve looked into Hidradenitis suppurativa, and I don’t think it’s that. I am a young woman and I’m wondering if this has to do with hormones or environmental toxicity?

Does anyone have any insights or experience with this subject?

When you say your have “tried acupuncture” - how many times and what diagnosis in Chinese terms (if they discussed that with you) did they come up with? Was there any effect at all? If they are monthly, it is possible there is a hormonal involvement, particularly in the absence of any other skin conditions. What did you western doctors think? Did they run blood work/hormone panels (if not, they should) - if they did, was anything off, even borderline?

Any “true” lymph node swelling with pain warrants follow up exam and blood tests… Especially if you can’t tell yourself! There are many urgent/emergent syndromes, diseases & infection to be ruled out. But sounds like this has occurred for awhile now without other concurrent worsening symptoms. Skin conditions can be tricky…so a specialist in any form of whole medicine is warranted. As a non specialist, and without a history/exam etc I’m curious about Bechet’s…a rare genetic condition mainly affecting those with Asian ancestry. (Hidradenitis seems too easily ruled out by a specialist). Cyclic in nature does seem hormonal for a woman. Parasites can trigger all kinds of odd symptoms in any body part. A quick and dirty way to cut to the chase and avoid a bunch of tests, exams, Dr hopping is to find a provider (DOM, MD, DO, DC etc.) who does EAV or bioresonance scanning.
I like the NLS Hunter system because it covers Western and Eastern diagnosing with a very wide range if treatment options.

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