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What my Tongue says about Me?


What does my tongue say about me?? Thanks folks


Generally speaking the tongue is not used exclusively without lots of other information to say anything definitive. This is because imbalances in the body could manifest in many different ways and all the tongue guides towards are the chief imbalances in Chinese Medicine terms, but says little about how they are manifesting in that individual.

For yourself I would read our tongue diagnosis section and figure out some of the meaning and then discuss that with proper context in the forums.

Generally the significant parts on your tongue are the long middle crack which generally means a reasonable disposition towards digestive issues and/or mental health issues (more possible the longer the crack is), and then the shiny scalloped edges which indicate longer term blood and possibly yin deficiency in Chinese Medicine terms which could, again, manifest in many ways. But the “blood” part ultimately comes from weaker digestion and/or poor dietary habits/stress/insomnia, etc. - you can read more about that in our “blood in Chinese Medicine” section.

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