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What my Tongue says about Me?


Hi, My name's Samal. I am 28 .I want to ask you help me. I can't speak English, so I'm sorry for my english. My husband and I have been trying for a baby for 5 years, I have POF (Premature ovarian failure) I tried 4 times IVF, but unsuccessfully. Now I'm trying to be treated by TCM.

I know that I have a :

spleen qi deficiency because my tongue look swollen, with teeth marks on the sides and some symptoms.

blood deficiency because I have dry, flaky skin, chapped lips, brittle nails , losing hair on my head, my lips and the inner side of my lower eyelids pale in color, menses scanty.

heart deficiency because the tip of my tongue is red and there is a crack,

The doctors says what I was early menopause. (KIDNEY YIN DEFICIENCY) But one thing I don't understand, what I have, yin or yang deficiency? My feet is cold always, but sometimes i have not much hot flushes, night sweats. What are you see on my tongue?

I would appreciate any help very much. Here is a picture of my tongue.


Please I need the answer, I must drink herbs. I noticed that my tongue pale in the morning, and a red in the evening.



Besides your main diagnosis of premature ovarian failure... what are all of your related symptoms? Have you had your thyroid function checked by a western doctor? (if not, I would...). Your tongue shows signs of damp-heat. The idea is to best decide whether you have full or empty heat issues along with stagnation. A local Chinese Medicine practitioner will need to be seen to find the right diagnosis with these mixed symptoms. Pulse diagnosis and supporting symptoms would help a practitioner come up with a clear diagnosis.


Thank you very much for your reply.

We don&#39t have real acupuncturist here. I went to one, but he couldn&#39t help me. I don&#39t have any POF symptoms like night sweats, hot flashes, and amenorrhea . Sometimes my FSH is little high, esrtogen low, bur AMH is very low. Left ovary doesn&#39t produce follicle. My pulce around 60-70, my weight 51 (Can&#39t gain weight), blood pressure 100/60. I have :

<li>pain, occipital neuralgia (1 years)</li>
<li>fertile cervical mucus missing</li>
<li>my feet cold, especially at night</li>
<li>I typically colder than those around me</li>
<li>low libido</li>
<li>crave sweets</li>
<li>hands and feet cold</li>
<li>feeling heavy and sluggish</li>
<li>bruise easily</li>
<li>I think I have poor circulation</li>
<li>I sweat a lot when I watch emotional film(stress)</li>
<li>I feel dizzy and have visual changes when I stend up fast</li>
<li>My menstruation scanty and watery</li>
<li>short cycle</li>
<li>hypothyroid </li>
<li>dry, flaky skin</li>
<li>chapped lips</li>
<li>fingernails and toeneils brittle</li>
<li>I losing hair on my head</li>
<li>My lips, the inner side of my lower eyelids pale in color</li>
<li>After 3 days mestruation I have brown color mucus</li>
<li>I feel midcycle pain around my ovaries</li>
<li>I prone to anger and rage</li>
<li>I have difficulty falling a sleep at night</li>
<li>fibrocystic breasts</li>
<li>cystic or pustular acne</li>

I think it&#39s all.

Thanks again!


Hallo Samal,

What is outstanding in your tongue here is especially the Toxic Heat.

You have Jing deficency ( back of the tongue) and the symptoms you mentioned are also indicating Liver troubles.

Tongue is swollen and that indicates that Dampness had turned into Phlegm.

So Phlegm + Stagnation is always an allarming combination. Both Spleen and Liver are here involved. Here there are no specific signs indicating Yin or Yang deficency problems.

To clarify the Toxic Heat origin my question is: at the time you wrote this post ( one and a half year ago) on which kind of medication you were ?

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