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What is yin of yang organ & yagn of yin organ?


I am new to acupuncture , I had took admission as a distance student in a institute a month ago , in a example there is a syndrome called stomach yin deficiency I want to know if stomach is yang bowel so what can be it’s yin ? & as same if liver is yin organ so what is liver’s yang ? please explain , thank you


Stomach yin is essentially a dryness and possible nervous over stimulation of the digestive system. In relation to stomach yang deficiency which would be weakness and generally excessive dampness.


Each of the organs, whether yin or yang, all have functions. Those functions are broadly organized into yin, yang, qi, and blood. So stomach yin deficiency refers to the condition the yin function of the stomach system not working correctly. So when you look at the patterns in TCM you’ll see most organs can have both yin and yang disorders regardless of whether the organ system itself is classified as yin or yang. This organization and general function is usually introductory material so if you haven’t reviewed that yet I’m sure you will.


Thank you very much ,


Thank you , your answer cleared my mind , & I come to know that I need to learn a lot


No organ is fully yin or yang. As the symbol of Acupuncture shows there’s always yin within yang and vice versa. The terms are relative. Stomach viewed purely as an organ is yin while it’s function is yang. In relation to the Spleen it is yang. Though it’s function of ripening and rotting are yang this function requires moisture. Stomach is the sea of fluids and if fluids are deficient in Stomach it becomes yin deficient. It’s better to view the visceral organs as concepts rather than physical entities for better understanding of TCM.


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