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What is treat


hi experts

i am a new herbalist and acupuncturist

some child 2 years old

he is coughing from 4 months ago , the doctors gave him the medicine but he is still coughing

i look for his eyes

i find a dark points in the upper center for 2 eyes

how can i start to treat this child

thanks for you


What is the patients tongue and pulse indicate? What is your overall diagnosis? Start by reading our acupuncture for cough section.


If the cough is productive with phlegm, I really like San She Dan in the honey vials. It used to have snake bile, but these days it&#39s usually Chuan Bei Mu. When I use this with children, I call it Poo Bear Honey. They love it. It&#39s very good for phlegm. If it&#39s a dry cough, you&#39ll need something else.

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