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What is the use of the point HN 16?


What is the use of the point HN 16?
Also, I had found that pressing on the middle of an upper eye socket bone is painful. Is that HN 16 or a different point? What does that pain mean? Thank you.


The point in the middle of the eyebrow is yuyao, that is often sore in anyone with any type of sinus pressure - which is most people unless they live in very clear environments.

HN 16, I believe, is zigongxue - on the abdomen used for female issues primarily.


Thank you. Actually the point that is painful located lower then the eyebrow. It’s where the orbit bone meets the eyelid. Sorry if didn’t describe it accurate at the first time. The only clue that I found so far is this image. And on the image it says HN 16. So it’s the closest location to where I have pain when pressing. No other web sites or images have nay information of this location.


That is shangming, but where you are describing is actually the point I referenced above - it says in the middle of the eyebrow, but it’s really in that divot in the orbit that is sore. Shangming is actually in the eyelid and really can’t be sore - and it’s generally not a good point to needle unless it’s absolutely necessary (due to bruising, etc.).


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