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What is the science behind the headache or migraine comes after watching movies in big screens


After watching movies in theaters or home projector i got a headache with nausea.After vomiting the pain become reduced gradually? What is the reason for this kind of head? Can someone explain using tcm theory?


The mostly likely explanation is you are prone to motion sickness. A small percentage of people experience dizziness, nausea and possibly headaches while watching motion pictures or playing video games.

In the context of TCM the liver system governs the eyes. The liver yin specifically nourishes the eyes and assists with vision. If you are particularly sensitive the visual stimulation can temporary disrupt the liver yin Since the liver yin also functions to keep the liver yang in check, the disruption can cause the liver yang to rise. The rising of the liver yang can result in headache and nausea.

That would be my best guess, there are other possible explanations within the framework of TCM theory.


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