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What is the pronosis of treating chronic elbow/shoulder tendonitis


Hi, I am a recent graduate of a acupuncture program and don't have too much experience in this. Recently I have treated a couple people with chronic tendonitis on the elbow or shoulder. I have not getting very good result with Acu in treating this condition. The points I use are local points for the shoulder and elbows as well as Du 14, Li 11, LI 4. I don't know if I miss any other important point but those patients don't feel any change after 4-5 treatment. I treat them 1x/week for 3 weeks then I treat them 2x/week after but still nothing change. Is there anything to do for this case? I am very appreciated any input on this.


Tendinitis can be somewhat difficult to treat depending on the patients activity level and whether or not they can make changes in their exercise/work habits to give the area some relief. That said, acupuncture is extremely helpful. Your points look fine in general but you also want to add points and massage at the neck and upper shoulder/clavicle area - points such as GB 21, LI 18, LI 17, SI 16, SI 17, LI 16, ST 12 around the brachial plexus area and the huatuo of T1 for nerves that innervate the arms.

The formula Jin Gu Die Shang Wan is also helpful in the majority of cases.


hi jenny
are you talking about tennis elbow...???


Hi Larcen,
Yes, the client I have had tennis elbow. I found that the treatment I use is not very effective treating this. After 5 txs, she still has the pain and I am very disappointed.


Hi jennifer sorry for been late replaying ya
I was off for couple weeks.... any how for tennis elbow, we use to treat it with LI 10,11,12 try to put the 11 straght 45degr, 10 and 12 just little bent 25 to 30degr (look like if they gone meet in one ponit in the arm) try it evry 2nd day for 1 week....
wish u all the best...


for this case basic what cause her pain on shoulder or elbow, if it is because of heat damp energy, use du 14 is very good. but it is because of cold damp energy, you can not use du14 and must use heat lamp when doing acupuncture.

for shoulder pain use "shoulder 3 needling technique": "Si9, Jianqian. Li15",+Sj14 & ashi point.

for elbow pain use ashi point and elbow 3 needling techniques: "li11,sj10,Si8"

Thank you


Feng Mei

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