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What is the best online TCMtest site for preparing for an exam?


I’ve found several sites but they don’t cover the complete TCM theory, I find them very helpful though in checking my knowledge on the subjects covered and would like to be able to check the complete theory as a preparation for my main exam.
Any recommendations are welcome, thanks a lot in advance!


There is a site (tcmtests) you can pay for that is supposed to help you prepare for the NCCAOM tests. Or you can try it free every first tuesday of the month. I personally found it marginally useful for the theory test. Several people I know said it was entirely useless for preparing for the Biomedicine test. But it is the only site I’m aware of that caters to the relatively small crowd of TCM students.


First, depending on where you went to school I honestly wouldn’t worry that much about the exam. It’s not that difficult if you are comfortable with the material. Unless you went to a school that doesn’t do much straight TCM at all (five element focus, etc.) - you will likely be fine.

That said there are a few texts that are useful - certainly more than any of the websites out there. Even mine which is pretty comprehensive has many parts that are left out simply as assumed knowledge - in part to not waste time writing all of it out and in part to limit people from feeling they can treat themselves with no training.

One text that was re-written after some of the larger changes in the nccaom exams is Review and Pretest for NCCAOM and California Licensing Exams in TCM Foundation - the CA part may not matter to you, but there exam is arguably more difficult, so the book may over prepare you, but that’s fine…


Thanks Stephen. I know the TCMTest one, and it’s indeed quite limited.

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