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What is the best Chinese remedy for liver/kidney yin deficiency?


I have been
doing lots of research on this and i am pretty sure I have a major yin deficiency, primarily liver and possibly kidney, my main symptoms are constant dizziness, of the lightheaded variety, ringing in ears, headaches and anxiety… warm clammy hands with cold feet… wondering what the best herb would be for me? My biggest issue really being the daily lightheadedness and anxiety, any feedback would be greatly appreciated… thank you for your time


Essentially there is never a “best” anything in Chinese Medicine. Each treatment, protocol, formula, etc. is tailored directly to each individual at a given point in time. The best treatment, then, is the one that your practitioner chooses for you after careful consideration of all of your signs and symptoms. Then as you improve, the “best” formula would change to continue working with your body towards balance/health. The best formula for you, accordingly, is a moving dynamic of proper treatment, not a fixed entity as is more common in western medicine.

All that said, on our liver yin deficiency page you will see some of the common formulas that are generally applicable to that diagnostic pattern.

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