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What is the appropriate way of determinining the Pattern o/inf which a patient suffering?


We find criss-crossing of Patterns vs. Conditions over the web page articles and formats. Most of the time one western condition entails several TCM Patterns. And again one TCM Pattern/Western Condition intermingles several Westwrn Conditions and TCM Patterns simultaneously.This creates a state of confusion. What is the best way to arrive at the right diagnosis?
I mean, say for example, someone is suffering from Hypertension, or Hyperglycemia; how can I ascertain the specific TCM Pattern s/he is faling in?
Please give a Road-map!


This is largely why there are years of training involved before people are licensed to treat others with Chinese Medicine. It is simple in relative terms if you have a deep understanding of the basic theories of Chinese Medicine and almost impossible to understand without that base. The base patterns are fairly easy to pick up, again, with an understanding of the foundations of Chinese Medicine - but the clinical reality of layered patterns and longer term complex conditions requires years of clinical experience and constant studying to truly be a good steward of the medicine and help your patients.

For general information, I would start by reading my “What Does Acupuncture Treat?” article which discusses treating causes vs. symptoms. After that I would read the “Acupuncture Point Treatment Plan” article which discusses ways to design treatment protocols.

For base theories, I would start with the following 3 texts:


Thank you Sir Dupuis,I’ll try to collect the books and ,off course, read your articles, which has already been downloaded in my library.Best regardsM.Mayeenul Islam (Munna)

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