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What is my practitioner missing?


I have been working with a TCM practitioner for a couple weeks now. After struggling to find a good one who works with CFS I found one who said she was very experienced and said she treats the liver, kidney and spleen for most cases. This was a positive thing because through my research I felt I had issues with those areas.

She put me on liu wei di huang wan, xaio yao wan and gui pi wan. She didn’t give me an official diagnosis. I had to ask her to read my pulse and she said both my kidneys had a weak pulse. Didn’t really discuss diet, she just asked if I eat alright and avoid dairy.

After a few days I noticed posture as better and I seemed to be absorbing thyroid better. Things were a little lighter overall. However I started having harsh fatigue during the day and was starting to develop even worse impotence. I was getting irritable as well. I definitely was not reacting well to something. It wasn’t a give it some time scenario something was wrong. From my reading I felt that the kidney formula was boosting yin and may have been throwing off the balance since I was deficient in both. I’m on my second day without the kidney formula and it seems like a lot of these symptoms resolved.

I asked my TCM doctor and she didn’t really have any ideas. I even suggested that I cut those out for the time being. I guess I am a little concerned because she seems to see an obscene amount of patients every time I go. Ive been sick a long time and seen some busy offices but this is on another level. I am concerned as I feel CFS will require some attention and the fact that on the follow up I had to ask her to read my pulse again doesn’t look good.

Anyways I am wondering what she could be missing. Does my theory about Yin boosting throwing off yang hold any value? I have noticed some good things and bad happening the past couple weeks. Unfortunately a majority of my major complaints haven’t really improved much. Bad neurological (sense of well being, concentration…ect), my fatigue is still severe (possibly worse) and my extremely pale skin,low appetite and sleep haven’t had much of a boost. I feel like i’m being pulled in two different directions.

I appreciate any feedback, this is pretty much the only active TCM forum and I literally don’t have the money to keep trying new TCM practitioners so any guidance helps. I understand this is a short time frame, however, I have been trying to get healed and taken many different supplements over the years. I have a very good sense when taking these. I’m not expecting things to resolve overnight but I usually know when i’m not headed int he right direction.


What is your diet like? Any history of malabsorption? Are you taking other supplements besides the mentioned herbal formulas? What is your caffeine and alcohol intake like?


I’m gluten free, generally avoid dairy. Eat vegetables, avoid red meats and deep fried foods. My absorption is very bad. No other supplements just armour thyroid. Caffeine is something That I am trying to cut out, it aggravates issues but generally 1 cup a day. Alcohol has been cut out I haven’t had any in at least a month.


If you have absorption issues it is possible that you’re taking too many herbs. Try reducing the dosage of each formula, and don’t take them all at the same time either.

As for what your practitioner is missing, well frankly with a complicated case like yours that is not something that can be answered. Part of the complexity of oriental medicine is that there are different approaches to the same exact patient. If you went to see 3 different practitioners, you would likely get 3 different interpretations of how to best treat your case. So in an academic framework, it’s not even the right question to ask if they are missing something (well assuming they are actually a credible practitioner) but maybe instead to ask is their interpretation of your case the most clinically beneficial to you. Unfortunately there isn’t an easy answer to that.

My best advice is try to not get too hung up on trying to figure out your own diagnosis -multiple studies have shown that can be adverse to the outcome of your case. The theory of Chinese medicine takes 4 years to learn, and lifetime to master. Trust that your practitioner is very likely to know better than you how to best treat your case, and if you don’t try to find a practitioner that you do trust.

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