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What is it (Gonorrhea?), how cure?


Since approximately 8 months, I have noticed that a surface has been growing on the side of the mouth of my glans, that has primarily been a slight bump, and over the months it has become a bit folded, and looking more like a pit in one place.

Recently it has starting to spread a bit more, now occupying approximately a fifth of the total surface of the glans.

I was diagnosed with Gonorrhea and Chlamydia around the beginning of April last year (2016) after about one month relation with one woman, who had no idea.

A tiiny bump appeared quite soon just on the left side of the mouth of my glans. [edited - after recurring infections of chlamydia and gonorrhea treating with antibiotics on 3 separate occasions left with a red bump at the tip]

It does not look very problematic today, but, I am worried that it will grow instead of revert to its original shape.

Also, if this shows that I have a potentially serious health condition, then I better understand this now also

If you would conclude that this is Gonorrhea, then, I understand that TCM both acknowledges it as a transferable condition since old times (“lin bing”), and also as a general manifestation of underlying causes, e.g. liver heat.

This makes me ask,

  • What is this? And,

  • How do you suggest I cure it?

Natural medicine to cure Gonorrhea

It is very unlikely particularly with the absence of any other symptoms that the red irritation is anything other than just that - irritation from repeated infections.

There are of course tcm treatments for gonorrhea (and they generally do well) but as with anything in Chinese Medicine you treat what presents as your individualized tcm diagnosis - not “gonorrhea”. So while liver heat can be a factor, there are others.

If you are generally robust, however, you should be able to tolerate any of the damp/heat clearing formulas that could be potentially used - as you would only be on it for a relatively short period of time. I would also refrain from sexual activity for 3-5 weeks and let everything settle down.

Some of the other things you have done are generally helpful, tea tree oil topically, apple cider vinegar topically and/or orally, garlic… But properly prescribed Chinese herbal medicine will probably offer the most value - that along with acupuncture if possible (if not possibly acupressure on LV 8, LV 5 and LV 3.) I would suggest you see a local practitioner who can diagnose you more properly and let them treat what they see.

Kindly assist me

With Gonorrhea or any other bacterial infection you want to make sure to strengthen your immune system, which for the most part is generally weakened by antibiotics. There are many ways to do that, eating a macrobiotic diet supplemented with fermented foods is probably the best but supplementing with probiotics can work too. Chinese herbal formulas like Yin Qiao Wan can also help. And don’t forget common sense stuff like adequate bathing, making sure soap and water are reaching areas of irritation, not wearing sweaty or dirty clothes for extended periods, etc.


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