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What is happening?


Hi. In the past few weeks I’ll feel suddenly cold a few hours after breakfast.
Today was especially the worst:
At about 9 in the morning( I wake up at 6), I will feel really cold and my fingernails turn a bluish pale color. Normally, they are very pink/red.
I absolutely have to eat a large snack within 1-2 hours after breakfast, or else my fingernails will turn a pale blue. Today I didn’t and then the whole blue fingers thing occurred. It’s like I ran out of energy and then my hands and feet will start to feel cold. Just a few hours after breakfast, and I feel like I have lost energy and am quite literally about to faint. I guess I have a fast metabolism, but this is a bit crazy. After I eat lunch things are back to normal.
Another odd thing: even in the freezing cold night this doesn’t happen. Even when its a hungry, freezing cold night. This only happens in the mornings.
What is this??
I really appreciate your insights.


I think you more or less answered your own question when you said:

These can be signs of spleen/kidney qi and/or yang deficiency. A visit to a practitioner in your local area can come up with a more precise diagnosis based on other factors including tongue and pulse diagnosis.


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