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What happened to the old syndrome lists?


There used to be syndrome lists for Spleen, Liver, Heart etc., that list Maccocia and St john points with each syndrome within an organ/official which were really useful rather than just lists of points which seem to be there now. Bit by bit this site has become much harder to use and utilise as, with more bandwith it has become a nightmare to navigate, whereas a few years ago it was simple and straightforward to find syndromes ant treatment strategies within any organ.


While we appreciate genuine feedback it would be worthwhile to note that the theory aspects of the site haven’t changed in any real detail in quite some time. We are, however, working on creating many more connections between western conditions, possible underlying tcm patterns, and then protocols, herbs, formulas and points.

This will ultimately allow you to do something like show me all the formulas that might be applicable for depression when there is a red tongue. It just takes time to get all of this together. While that might not be useful to you, as a global site we are trying (freely) to meet many differing demands.

Due to wildly excessive spam on our old platform, along with a few other technical reasons we had to split the site into different subsections (theory, community, blog, store…). Which has benefits and drawbacks. We are working on tying together navigation for these, but ultimately search is the tool to use as a wildly long navigation list doesn’t work well on phones, or at all in our opinion.

As for the two sections you seem to be alluding to, they are still there in their original format:


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