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What does TCM say about dairy and tea


My husband has had lichen planus for over a year. It started when he did a detox including dairy and pop. Now he saw an TCM acupuncturist and she said to drink lots of milk for the minerals. Sounds odd. We always thought dairy was bad for us. She also said to stop drinking tea…Even green tea because of blood sugar imbalance.


Unless there is something very different going on with your husband - both of those statements are completely wrong. You are right and should stay away from dairy. Some green tea is likely very good - possibly even helpful for blood sugar. Some cases of more severe yin deficiency would be good to avoid any caffeine, but that is likely not the case here.


If you’re asking about the food therapy properties, dairy is generally damp and cold. Green tea is mildly cooling. That she is suggesting milk as a source of minerals and that green tea would interfere with sugar imbalance (it’s extremely unlikely to) that would be somewhat of a red flag for me personally. What are some of the symptoms your husband is experiencing?


He has had the purple rashes all over his body, but especially distressing are the sores in his mouth. Sometimes he can hardly eat. He had all of his fillings replaced, we both have biophoton resonance done regularly on the chiren machine. He’s tried medical doctors, but Prednisone is they’re only answer. Acupuncturist on our cruise said only warm food and drink, no caffeine, even tea, and lots of milk.


I’d agree with @Chad_Dupuis that her recommendation of more milk is completely wrong. You should minimize, if not eliminate entirely, the whole dairy group. I do agree that you should stick with mostly cooked foods, and you should also avoid heavily spiced or flavored foods as well. And green tea would likely be useful if you stick to a cup or so, a pot a day might be excessive.


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