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What benefits does acupuncture have that standard medicine doesn't?


Submitted By: spainkid

What benefits has acupuncture given you that traditional medicine hasn't? If you could share your story it would be grrrreat!


There are many benefits to acupuncture and going into all of them in any kind of useful detail would probably involve writing a lengthy book. What stands out to me, however, is the diagnostic framework and the ability to tailor treatments to each individual. Acupuncture is not a set protocol mechanism like western medicine. From a western perspective you have a drug that may be perfect for 7% of the people, very helpful for another 14% percent, somewhat helpful for 20% percent, dangerous for 30% and not effective for the rest (as an example). From a Chinese perspective you are not treating a condition per se, but the person's overall diagnosis which within it includes their condition. So for depression, as an example, there are many Chinese medicine diagnoses that have within them the components of depression, but there isn't just one treatment. This means that you can take into account all the aspects of the persons health, related conditions, and their main complaints and tailor something for them. This done well will greatly increase the practitioners ability to treat a broad range of cases very effectively. To me that is the main benefit. Others are more obvious, cost, lack of side effects, ability to treat multiple conditions at once, the enjoyable nature of the treatments, etc.

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