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What are Wan Points?


CV 10, 12 and 13, I think.

Kiko Masumaoto used these on me for RSD syndrome Plus GB 22 and 23 and Stomach Chi points.

Thank you, anyone



I couldn't find a specific reference to "wan" points within any of the matsumoto materials that I have - but I'm far from a Kiiko style expert. Certainly, the points CV 10, CV 12, and CV 13 are named - Xia Wan, Zhong Wan, and Shang Wan (i.e. Lower Venter, Middle Venter, and Upper Venter) respectively. They are often used in combination or individually to treat issues in each of the respective warmers.

Kiiko does some interesting things, but I imagine the thinking behind this is to strongly influence the circulation of energy in the triple heater, or "warmer" which would theoretically be involved in RSD.


Thank you soo much. I will ask her at the Graduation ceremony from mass General Hospital course

and let you know. Your answer sounds excellemt.



Dear Chad,

They are CV 10,12 and 13 as you said. Kiko verified this to me.



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