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What are the points for infected boils please?


Hi Guys,

My son has boils on his bum and groin area … I can’t find the points for boils (furuncle) anywhere in the lazy bum guide. Can anyone help me with this please ? Many thanks indeed , warmest Vicky


Because you mention the lazy bum guide, I’m assuming you are asking for tong ren therapy, not acupuncture, is that correct?


Yes Chad that is correct


Thanks for clarifying. Generally in Chinese terms boils are from what we call damp-heat in the lower warmer, liver wind, or heat in the blood - these all technically have different treatment mechanisms in acupuncture and herbal approaches.

In Tong Ren the points would be T1, T2, T3 for the immune system, L4, L5, S1 -> S4 to clear the groin area, LI 11, LV 8 and SP 10 to clear heat and descend down to LV 3.


Chad …thank you very very much indeed for replying and your time. I so appreciate that. On it! Love n light x

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