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What are the patters cause excess heat in women during Follicular phase?


What are the patterns cause excess heat in women during follicular phase?


The same patterns that can cause heat signs in the body no matter what you are treating (i.e. the follicular phase part is irrelevant) - so, generally, “empty-heat” or “yin deficiency” or “full-heat” or “yang excess”. What organs or processes involved would somewhat be different in each person.

In the most general terms possible the follicular phase requires yin and blood - so many modern western women will be kidney yin deficient, possibly with spleen blood deficiency. But nearly any other pattern or combination of patterns is possible which is why diagnosis (not putting “symptoms” with “patterns”) is absolutely critical in the application of Chinese Medicine.


Chad I tried your first link. It goes to a page that doesn’t exist the site says.


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