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What are the causes for snoring? Cure for it in acupuncture


Can any one tell causes for snoring and acupuncture solutions for it? Please do share


For the most part you need to treat the root cause from a Chinese Medicine perspective (see “What Does Acupuncture Treat?” for more on this). Snoring can be from obesity, poor diet, allergies, alchohol use, and many more issues. So you step away from the snoring and view it as just the end result of a set of causes, use proper Chinese Medicine diagnostic tools to come to a Chinese Medicine diagnosis and then you treat the person. For the most part when the underlying conditions are worked on properly, snoring is fairly easy to reduce considerably.


Thanks for your reply sir. Please advise meridian points on which treatment can be taken.


Please read the article completely that I linked to. Afterwards you should see that the points that will help one person with snoring are not the same for another person. They have to be tailored to the individual, looking at the causes for their snoring. And when the cause is understood proper diet and/or lifestyle changes are often appropriate to truly resolve the issue. There is no set of points that I can offer to you that will work on everyone who snores, it is just not how Chinese Medicine works.

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