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Ways of using acupoints


are there any alternative ways to using acupointsother than needles, acupressure and moxibustion?


Yes, a few come to mind. One would be various energy healing techniques which use the acupoints, such as our Tong Ren Therapy. Another would be the placement of essential oils and/or flower remedies on the points which is used by many practitioners of both acupuncture and other forms of bodywork and energywork. Their use in meditation, Tai Chi, and other energetic arts is also important. Finally, laser stimulation is an increasingly common method of treatment.

There are probably others, but that is all I can come up with right now.


on the essential oils, ive seen people put tigerbalm on yin tang and tai-yin. Probably without the intention of using the functions of those acupoints but do you think tigerbalm would work?


I suppose so. I use some essential oils both on myself experimentally and on patients for various conditions. Tiger balm on a point like yintang would probably be stimulating so I am not sure what the clinical value would be, but it would surely have an effect.

As I am a licensed acupuncturist, I am able to use the best techniques that I see fit - which is most often needling. Accordingly, my experimentation with such measures is limited in the sense that I doubt they would ever have as strong as effect as needling - and as I can needle, it is unnecessary for me to go much beyond that understanding.

Many bodyworkers and energyworkers without licensure in fields like acupuncture do much more work in this area as they have to explore way to use the points without needling. I would be interested in hearing their input on the matter.

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