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Watery Horror


Hello to everybody in this forum... :-)

Like most of us here, i am seeking a solution to my troublesome problem.. hyperhidrosis or excessive sweating.

My palms and feet sweat a lot most of the time especially during warm period, a condition which makes me as a candidate for stinky feet contest..

I actually planned to get ETS surgery but was advised not to go through because of its "unimaginable" side effects.

For this reason, i am resorting to alternative medicine, where i am now focused into acupuncture.

My question is, how effective it is? is acupuncture for this condition permanent? are there really "point/s" in the body responsible to halt the excessive sweating?

I will appreciate any comments or suggestions from this group.



Acupuncture is very useful for hyperhydrosis as well as any sweat problem - either too much or too little, both of which are problematic. I've treated both mild and very serious cases with good result - in most cases it is permanent. There are points indicated for the function of the opening and closing of the sweat glands and regulation of the parts of the brain which control these functions. Acupuncture, however, is not a point to condition modality, so while there are some points that would be used in nearly any case, the actual treatments points would be selected for your unique set of signs and symptoms. Our ability to adapt treatments to people and not conditions is one of the ways it works.

Two of the main areas we use are the T4 area (near UB 14) on the spine (the nerves which control the sweat glands, hair follicles, etc.) and the acupuncture point GV 22 which we use to regulate some of the associated brain functions.

I would certainly find an acupuncturist in your area and try 4-10 treatments to see what type of response you get, particularly before you do more invasive western procedures. It's much harder for us to treat the condition after these procedures have been done than before.


to mr. chad,

many thanks to your informative reply..

by the way, i am going on leave by 2nd quarter of this year. i am native of Philippines and will stay in our capital Manila for most of my leave period, where i intend to find my right acupuncturist.

have you been to Philippines? do you have any contacts in Manila?




Dear Everyone,

I had an ETS surgery back in 2004. It was performed in Hungary. T2 and T3 gangions were totally removed. The reson for this surgery was vegetative disorders which might cause severe consecvences (i.e. stress related issues such as heart attack, eye problems etc.) - so the doctors said. I was only 24. I belived this all this s**t.

The surgery was "successful" (i.e. no complications, infection, no Horner syondrome or any side-effects like that) but the results were catastrophic.

As for the sweating, my head, palms and feet were affected. It was severe. I used to sweat a lot but it never annoyed before. My heat sensation went wrong, I had tachycardia, I could not sleep. Doctors said it was because I have a compression in my neck and chest. That means that some of the nerves are under pressure due to anatomic reasons. They made a lot of tests also. To tell the truth, I had serious problems in my life, so my hyperhydrosis caused by stress and depression and it could have been treated using acupuncture but this was never told to me. In fact, acupuncture was not a common and accepted terapy here. As for the compression bullsh**t, it was never prooved. I still have no problem with it.

After the surgery, sweating became more severe, and my whole body was messed up. I still suffer from it a LOT. And not only from sweating! It changes your feelings, your functions, your heat sensation and regulation - just to tell the most important side-effects. Swating becomes severe in the chest, abdominal, back and lower back areas (=compensatory or reflex sweating). After some years, your limbs, knees starts to sweat a lot, mostly, without any reasons.

Consequence: Please, under any circumstances, DO NOT HAVE this surgery. It is totally worthless! And I DO MEAN IT! If I could reverse it, I would do it but it is IRREVERSIBLE.

Actually, I have acupuncture treatment, however, with no significant results. But it will take a lot of time and patience! Even years. Why? Because now the whole sympathetic nervous system must be regegenerated, damaged nerves should be reinnervated. Sounds impossible? Yes. For me too, but it is my olny chance to correct my mistake.

If You guys there have any questions about this surgery or You already had it, please send me an email ASAP!

Yes, and clamping tehnique is also worthless! It has the same effect! Do not try it! (since the clamps may damage the ganglions, so after they are removed, the result is the same) Surgeons will say, that they have special techiques, that guarantee, there will be no compensatory sweating. Belive me: there is no such technique. ETS, clamping or micro ETS all mean the same: damaging your nervous system. It is absolutely impossible for any human being to tell You what side-effects it may cause!



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