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Water behind my tympanum


How can I drain the water behind my tympanum and inflamed ganglion at my neck?


It is unclear how related both of these issues are - or how close in relation to each other they are. But generally speaking the ganglion cysts are best drained by a western medical doctor but they have a high chance of recurrence. If they recur too often and/or cannot be aspirated then surgery is the best option. So long as it is a relatively easy area to reach, the surgery should be easy.

Now for water in the ears, it’s not sure if you are asking for acupuncture or herbal medicine advice or just anything that will work.

For acupuncture and indirectly, through finding a proper underlying TCM diagnosis, possible herbal formulas we have two relevant sections in our conditions treated with acupuncture theory section. (For more on diagnoses in Chinese Medicine see “What Does Acupuncture Treat?” for more on how we approach the root causes and not the western medical issue).

These are linked to from our otitis media natural treatment options page.

Possible herbal formulas that -might- be related depending on your underlying diagnosis:

There are many other possible alternatives and the best way to figure out what is appropriate for you is to see a practitioner in your area.

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