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Want to recover from KD1 overcooling effects


I found on internet that kidney1 point is good for many health conditions. I applied pressure at this point only 6-7 times. I saw myself next day as a too thin and weak boy. So, I want to regain my weight as fast as soon. so , please help me. my tongue has teethmarks and white coat.


There is absolutely no possibility that pressing any point, not just KD 1, for a few times would the “next day” change your weight and make you thin. If you did lose weight that quickly it would far more likely be a virus or some other internal issue. While acupressure can be helpful, it’s not that powerful.

If you are weak and thin you might do better with moxibustion at ST 36, or if moxibustion is not available, just acupressure there and possibly at KD 3.

But the best results will come from finding an acupuncturist in your local area, having them diagnose your properly and then they can recommend appropriate dietary changes and lifestyle changes and, if applicable, acupressure points that might be useful for you.


I have no appetite and damp air doesn’t suit me. this point known to lose energy so how can I boost my energy levels again.


Totally agree to chad’s reply. There is no way acupressure could have done this . st36 is “the three miles” point. Like the name of this point says, it was used in the Chinese army to help the soldiers when they were exausthed. But when you are al ready empty it is possible this point will help you to go too far. The teethmarks are a an indication of qi deficiëntie, most likely in the spleen. The white coat indicates there is a cold or a yang deficientie.So maybe it’s better to tonify the spleen. Eat chicken soup, avoid dairy and uncooked vegetables. I would rather choose sp6, sp3, kid3 then st36 to tonify the spleen, kidneys. But I’m still a student, so this is only textbook and class learning based opinion.


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